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Here Kitty Kitty!


At first I was like “What’s with the 3-foot pigtails?”, then I realized your cats probably like to bat them around and you just can’t bring yourself to take anything away that amuses old Whiskers and his friends.


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The Flow Master


I’m pretty confident those two guys whipped that van off the road, through the grass, over the curb and jacked it into that parking spot just to get a glimpse and maybe exchange a few memorable words with such a legendary mullet.


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Rare Footage

Wow folks, we have been fortunate enough to obtain footage of the rare hawk-mullet: half mullet half mohawk. On a side note, we are awaiting confirmation on whether or not this is Mr.T & Sitting Bull’s illegitimate son.

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Split Ends

Hey Ratpunzel, you look like Master Splinter. Someone get a weed wacker and take care of that mess please.

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