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Joe Deertay


Remind me, is awesomeness judged by length of mullet or style of chops?


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Two Turtle Doves…With Mullets


I’ve always wondered what inspires people to write love songs, and now I know, because seeing this match made in heaven just makes me want to sit down and write a timeless classic….probably with some sort of banjo-washboard-jug instruments, but still a love song.


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Dangerously Cheesy


I guess Chester Cheetah needs a disguise when he goes out in public. Makes sense, you don’t want people bothering you for autographs and free Cheetos. Although, I think he needs to do some work on his disguise.

South Carolina

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Line It Up


I was wondering how I could pattern my hair so I could clearly distinguish to everyone that I have a mullet. Thank you for being an innovator and what I assume to be at least 87% bat shit crazy.

North Carolina

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