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Celebrity Skin


Oh God!! It looks like Courtney Love and Kirstie Alley morphed into one big scary mess.


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Pubic Region


I guess you might as well leave that patch of pubes because you already look like a dickhead.


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A New Breed


A female mohawk mullet!!!!! I’ve seen femullets, I’ve seen femhawks, I’ve even seen hawkettes. But this daring combination of the three has to be a first. Mark down this day on your calendar because I’m fairly confident in saying we are displaying the first ever femhawkettes. What a glorious day for us all.


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Sideburnin’ Rubber


“Thank you, thank you very much.” No. No, don’t say thank you. Nobody is giving you a compliment or anything that might resemble a positive thing that you could thank them for. In fact start apologizing.


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61 Comments Featured Creature  //  Mullets/Tails  //  Walmart Fashion  //  Washington
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