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I Got My Flippy Floppies


Ohhh hey! You guys remember Rapunzel right? Well, she is back and we’ve learned some things. (1) Short colorful shorts are kind of her thing and I still like that. (2) Her hair has definitely grown (if that’s still physically possible) because it sure as hell hasn’t gotten any shorter, and (3) my personal favorite, from our small poll it seems as if she matches her hair-belt thingy with her short colorful shorts, and that’s just Neat-O.


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A Bolt Of Lightning


I guess the bride of Frankenstein stayed in that lightning storm a tad too long.


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Granny Smith


It looks like you scalped my grandmother and now you are just showing off to taunt me.


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Secret Of The Rooster’s Crow


So there I was trying to race my way to the cashier when I stopped dead in my tracks and found myself staring down a woman 20 yards away with the same intentions. It all got quiet and and you could cut the tension with a knife. Who would make the first move? Who would back away? But it was then I realized I had already been beat….you can’t play chicken with a rooster.


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