From Generation To Generation

It’s a picture like this that brings a tear to my eye. How fortunate are we that this guy was able to carry on that glorious hair’s lineage with a son who can clearly handle the burden of it’s beauty.


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Power Of Ten

Nope, not a costume folks! I’m pretty sure she is Cousin Itt’s mistress, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. What has been confirmed is the fact that her hair weighs about 31 lbs and takes over 10 hours to wash. Seriously, that part has actually been confirmed. It doesn’t take me 10 hours to wash my house, car, clothes, dogs and self combined. What level of commitment would you have?


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12 Little ‘Hawks

Here is my beef with this hair: If you want a mohawk, do it right and go the full way. Don’t use the little hairbands to put it up when you are feeling cool just so you can wear your hair down without anyone knowing when it’s not cool. Doing things half-assed garnish no respect from me. Not really sure if everyone out there is trying to earn my respect, but I’d like to think they are.


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Greatest Skullet Ever

If I had a biker gang, this chick and her skullet would get an automatic membership. Just picture her cruising down the road on her hog with the wind blowing through her skullet hair. Pure Glory!


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