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Push It To The Limit


In case you were looking for a sign of whether or not you’re old enough to be a parent yet.


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On The Money


And that’s exactly the face I make every time I walk into Walmart. Thanks little buddy.

New York

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Stackin’ Cheese


Pffft, and who said kids are useless? Looks like she is doing one hell of a job holding all that crap. Probably better than I could. I always think I can do it without a cart and then I’m walking around the store looking like a damn fool with all my stuff…wish I had a kid I could pile it on.


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I’ll Be The Judge


So much judging going on right now! So many bottom biscuits too! Ohhhh what a morning! But what I want to know is if you parents are being honest, how much other-parenting-judging do you do on a daily basis? Don’t lie to me, that’s how the devil gets in your soul.


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