What A Drag


Sometimes shopping with your mom can be such a drag….what’s that? Awful pun?!?!?! Well that’s just mean. If you don’t like that pun, then either you were dragged as a kid or you wish you had the guts to drag your kid in public, either way don’t take it out on me.


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Baby’s Airbag


Nice airbag! Did you get that idea from your pediatrician Dr. Thunder?


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The Electric Slide


Hmmm, is there a wedding nearby? Because for some reason that kid is doing the Electric Slide…..♫ You can’t see it, it’s electric, boogie woogie, woogie!♫


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Jugs, Speed Bags, & Sweater Puppets


A baby feeding is a perfectly natural and beautiful thing. Here is what’s not natural: An entire store staring at your perfectly natural beautiful thing while you wait for someone to buy a jug of water. I don’t say this often but there are too many jugs in this picture!


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