Forgetful Parent


What? I forget stuff in my cart all the time….usually it’s a case of water or Pepsi underneath my cart and not a child, but if the kid is really quiet or something I can see how you would FORGET YOU CHILD IN THE CART…..ahhh stop worrying, all the mother has to do is return with her receipt and they will replace it.


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One Leg Up


It looks like this kid is having fun more than he is being punished. Way to punish your kid mom.


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Baby Skullet


If it is not already a law, we need to make one that states “If you give your kid a skullet, Child Services gets to come to your house, punch you in the stomach and take the kid.” Write a letter to your congressmen and have him propose this as a bill.


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It’s All Good Baby Baby!


Ignoring the obvious multi-tasking, and whether the under or over technique is better….I just hope the baby doesn’t absorb any of the chemicals from those acid-washed jorts!

New Jersey

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