Get To The Choppa!


To all you kids going to college: If you are looking for job security, I’d say go be a psychiatrist because there doesn’t seem to be a lack of parents out there scarring their kids for life…..Don’t get me wrong, the Predator is the shit and that is hilarious, but it’s also not my kid so that’s why I love it and you should too.


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Hang In There Kid


Ohh yeah sure, when your kid has to poop the entire world must stop what it’s doing and focus on him, but when daddy has to drop a duecenberg the kid can’t stop fidgeting for 5 minutes!


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Baby Henna


Hey PoWM, who the hell are you to give parenting advice? I’m a 24 year old male without kids, which is basically the complete opposite of a parent, and yet I know that anything that can breathe and is bigger than 14 inches and is old enough to have a fake tattoo should probably wear pants and shoes out in dirty ass public.


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Read It & Weep


But I don’t see your kids…..Ahhhhhhh, because you’re a bad mom. Okay. Okay. I see what you did there, can’t say I’m a fan of it, but at least you set the bar low for everyone’s expectations of you. One of those “can’t say I didn’t warn you” type of things. I getcha.


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