The Real Deal


OH SNAP! That’s how Willy the Pimp does black and white son! You fake pimps better come correct next time you wanna challenge the legend.


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Identity Theft


Okay playboy, I see what you’re doing here. Willy the Pimp digs the bright colors so you break it down with the black and white. I see you even busted out the striped cane to challenge Willy for pimp supremacy. I’m curious to see how Willy answers this challenge.


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Pinkin’ Ain’t Easy


All you men out there who wear pink, you can put it away because you will never make it look this good.


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Bring Your Green Hat!


PoWM Hall of Famer Willy the Pimp has officially “gone green”. He no longer leaves a carbon footprint, but won’t hesitate to leave that handprint across your face.


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