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People In The South Be Like…


Arctic blasts and polar vortexes are causing ridiculously low temps and even snow down south. Don’t get me wrong, I love the south and never plan on ever moving back north but if there is ever another Civil War all the North needs to do to win is wait until the winter to fight. By the reactions I’ve seen to an inch of snow you’d think it’s the Apocalypse! It’s going to be back up to 65 Saturday where we live. Who needs that much stuff to survive 2 days?!?!

Georgia & South Carolina

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That Looks Just Like A…


Nothing better than some subtle product labeling at your local Walmart right? While you’re mind is in the gutter let me know which treat you think sells better!

United States

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Sugar Rush


Geez! He probably passed out from a sugar high. My advice is next time don’t let a 6 year old handle your grocery list.


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13 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Douches and Doritos, the perfect stocking stuffer for the University of Cincinnati basketball team after their classy handling of a lopsided loss to my alma mater Xavier University. Does Xavier have some fault in the brawl? Yeah sure, but until a graduate of UC can figure out how to use a computer, we’ll go with my side of the story.


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