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Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue


I’m not sure how to react to the patriotic middle finger. I’m initially offended but then I’m like “Well it’s the American flag, so I guess it’s okay?” Either way I will not be the one to say anything to this dude.
Editors note: This picture was taken by a little girl who is obviously braver and more badass than I am.


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I Lost My Appetite


I will bet any money the fat kid gets more cake than Casanova here gets pussy.


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I Like You…


Really? We barely know each other. I always speak highly of you but whatever, be a bitch.


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Hey, Could You…


You know, I was going to ask her if she could implement her proposed solution to overcome our current economic climate, but then I saw she didn’t want me to ask her “4″ shit, so hang in there everybody.

Texas and California

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