Bad Ronald


HEY! HEY! No! That’s bad. I don’t care what Ronald tells you to do, you get your hand off his McNuggets!


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Dong Bong


Smoking some weed in public out of a cock shaped bowl. Clearly stupidity doesn’t discriminate based on gender, so that’s a step forward.


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Puppy Puns


Guess you could say she jumped on the puppy bandwagon? Right? Huh? No? Not feeling it? Okay. What if I told you he seems so excited I bet his tail was…wagon? What?! Did I just blow your mind with that one? No? Again? Wow. Screw you guys then.


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Quick Change


Changing rooms? Who needs those? Show us you’re just like everyone else and put those pants on one leg at a time in front of the world partner.


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