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Bird Tymer


Here is what amazes me the most about you Birdman. Not only do you enjoy the company of your birds in places we’ve previously determined are not appropriate (specifically Walmart), but oddly enough you also look like the rapper¬†Birdman!


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No You’re Not Dude, Don’t Lie


I know some of you are asking yourself “Who the hell is this Spose character?” and your follow up question might be “How is he a celebrity if I’ve never heard of him?” Two great questions. First he gained his popularity like all great celebrities via his YouTube video¬†I’m Awesome. Second, we found his song hilarious and being internet guys ourselves we won’t discriminate between celebrities and internet celebrities..


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You Into Goat Play?


A little background info: In the fabric department of Walmart is this “Customer Projects” cork-board where customers bring in pictures of their accomplishments.

Now a little future info: The person who spent time creating baby goat outfits complete with matching hats scared away every single person in her life and now the only human interaction she has is when once a year she delivers her mincemeat pie to the county fair.


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Obey Your Thirst


Nobody needs to obey their thirst that much!…..On a side note, is 7up still around? Those two used to compete, and I haven’t been offered a 7up in like 6 years. I was a big fan of Cherry 7up. I’m guessing their downfall started when they stopped using the red ball mascot. Sprite went and got athletes like Lebron and Kobe to do their commercials. Wait, is 7up just Sierra Mist now? Wow, I can’t believe you are still reading my rant on Sprite and 7up! You must be bored.


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