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So Cheesy


Does anyone know why all of these mariachi bands are showing up at Walmart? It is really starting to get to the point where it has become a little less funny to me, but a little more concerning. I can’t keep assuming mariachi bands love Cheez-Its.


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Who Needs Crutches?


I’ve seen these contraptions from time to time (rarely color coordinated) but I would just like to say how much I love America. Don’t feel like putting in all that work with crutches? We will build a knee-scooter so you can scamper around like a 12 year old off his Ritalin.


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Mellow Yellow


Uhhh Ms., I think you overlooked something…no, not the toilet seat cover stuck to your ass, I was referring to you matching your shorts and socks after the age of 11.


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Tattoo Facial


I love seeing older people covered in tattoos because you don’t even have ask, their body just tells you they made some awful life choices when they were younger.


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