Tap The Keg

Whoooooooo!!! College!! Keg stands on Friday bitches! Whooooo! Get some! No place in the world I’d rather be than Walmart parking lot gettin’ crunk with my bros! Whoooo!


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Packin’ 3G

Gun-slinging some cell-phones, ohh how our ancestors would cry at this new “right to carry” we are exercising.


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Popping The Question

Well it only makes sense that if you’re going to have a fabulous Walmart wedding that you do a special Walmart proposal. Sure, maybe this isn’t the most romantic proposal, but we’ve seen worse over at WeddingUnveils.com.


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Coppin’ A Feelski

Ladies, it’s always the right time to check your breasts for lumps, remember that. Now I can’t say when the right time to allow others to check your breasts might be, but I feel like this isn’t one of them.


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