Another WTF Tattoo Moment

Ain’t nothing better than a sexy whale tale, am I right guys? No? No I’m not right? But what if that whale tail is permanently tattooed on you? Still nothing? Wow, tough crowd to please. I bet if it was a hot chick instead of a dude you’d all be singing a different tune. Still no? Damn, well head over WTFtattoos.com and look at some other misguided souls.


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Along For The Ride

If that is how you shop maybe you should head over to Sams Club. They got those nice flatbed carts you can lay on. Seriously though, I’d pay quite a bit of money to sit there with a box of popcorn and watch you try to get out of that cart by yourself.


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Who Wants To Smash Some Fruit?

Oh hells ya! It’s everyone’s favorite fruit smashing comedian Gallagher! Grab your ponchos people because my man has a store full of watermelons and you know he brought his Sledge-O-Matic!!!


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I Know You Want Me

Really? There is SO much wrong with that statement. (1) Pitbull is awful now. He went the pop route, which is annoying, but it’s made him bank so I can’t hate too much. (2) Why in the wide world of sports would anyone want to voluntarily go to Kodiak, Alaska? You see that giant bear? No thanks. (3) Dude is Cuban, he doesn’t even know what snow is.


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