2,400 Stones

Ahh yes, it’s every college student’s favorite time of year, Spring Break! Where undergrads everywhere take some well deserved time off from drinking and partying at school and go south to the beach….to drink and party. Oh how I miss those days. Enjoy it while you can kids, school drinking is so much more fun than graduating, realizing there are no jobs and then you begin unemployed drinking.


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Tebowing Out

Well with Peyton Manning signing with the Broncos I suppose Tebowing will have to put it’s mark on a new city. Funny how everyone in Denver defended him and loved him until they got a real quarterback and now they sing a different tune. I could really care less about where he goes, but where do you guys think Tim Tebow will resurrect?


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Bird Turds

Wow! If only there were some website that had a bunch of other idiots with birds on their shoulders in Walmart & constantly pointed out how unsanitary that is due to the inevitable situation where the bird will take a shit. Man, that type warning would have been helpful huh?


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Get Your Goat

I can’t tell what excites me more, the fact that they found a beard or the toy goat!


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