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Creepy Clowns


Excuse me Ms. Giggle-Cakes, can you tell us on a scale of 1 to 10 how lonely your childhood was? 1 being you were surrounded by friends and loved ones and 10 being your best friend was your next door neighbor’s imaginary friend…..a 10? Great, I thought so.


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You Gotta Start Somewhere


Do you know what other band got their start in the boy’s clothing section at Wal-Mart?…..No seriously, I was asking. Does anybody know? Because I have to assume if you are at the point where you are accepting that gig you must have given up all hope to play MSG one day. Oh, and why wouldn’t they have a banjo and a fiddle.


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Duck, Duck, Goose!


What ever happened to weighing the pros and cons before acting? Hmmm, should I stick my hand down his pants? Well, I’ll make everyone around me uncomfortable, I’ll probably lose my reputation for being “classy,” and my finger is going to smell….unfortunately I can’t think of any cons. Let’s do it!


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Heart Of A Champion


There’s nothing better than some parking lot wrasslin’! Why does the champion here look like the IT guy from work?


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