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Not So Subtle


So did you tattoo grass and weeds growing up out of your ass or are those just escaping fumes? That may sound odd but judging by how well you hide your bra I figured subtlety would be lost on you.


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How To Prevent Cancer


Now, I usually don’t take unsolicited medical advice from cars in parking lots ever since that unfortunate circumcision incident from that guy in his cargo van, but this seems legit.


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Sugar Daddy


The difference between me and you? When I get my trophy wife, I’m shooting for 1st place not the second to last one who drunkenly stumbled across the line.


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Pick Your Poison


I feel like I’m a kid again and my mom just told me I’m allowed to pick one thing…umm…ummm….okay. Okay. I’m gonna go withhhhhh…Oh! Oh! I’m gonna pick the gooshy back fat tat. It’s like a genuine tramp stamp because it stretches the entire back so you can’t miss it while trying to pick her up at a gas station at 3a.m. on a Tuesday.


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