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I Don’t Do Drugs, Just Weed


It’s unfortunate your typical job application doesn’t include a section for pictures, because I’m pretty sure they would cancel the rest of their interviews…..”She has a weed tattoo, so what? That doesn’t mean she is a bad employee.” – First off, you’re probably just as dumb as her so shut up. Second, I wouldn’t hire her as a prostitute with decision making skills like that because she would probably try to solicit a marked police car.


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Handle With Care


Is it even legal to make a shirt for that type of business? Don’t get me wrong I could use a good handler for my wienie as much as the next guy, I just happen to like a little discretion with mine….because I use ketchup. In some parts of the country that is apparently frowned upon.


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Arizona Girls


♫ Daisy dukes, bikini on top. Skeezer skunk hair so skanky she’ll melt your popsicle! Oooooh oh oooooh ♫ – Whatever, I’m not Katie Perry for a reason. Try your own lyrics.


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Mad About You


Are those fake pantyhose? Really? This isn’t Mad Men, you aren’t gonna catch sh*t for not wearing leggings….God I wish this was Mad Men though. Uggghh that would be so awesome. Don Draper is a boss!


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