From The Creators Of PeopleofWalmart.com: Your Kid’s Art Sucks!

It’s gone on long enough that children have been given a pass for being cute and innocent. Now it’s time for them to stand in line and take their lickings like the rest of us. The bad news for them? They have to face the caption writer of PoWM. The good news for us? We get to see it. Please click here or the photo above to check out the newest addition to our network.

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Get Down!

Hmmm, I hate to admit this but maybe those kid leashes can be a good thing when your little sh*thead manages to get on top of the damn shelves and start reeking havoc in the store. Orrrrrr, maybe you actually raise your kid right, pay attention to him, and then smack him on his ass when he starts to act like an asshole.


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Gettin’ Iced

I guess it’s only fitting that your are also drinking “the beast”!


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Taking The High Ground

Looks like we found the real “Cop and a 1/2”! Sure it might seem cool but good luck cuffing a little person who gets rowdy!

West Virginia

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