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We’re Jammin’


Anyone else as jacked up for Cinco de Mayo as I am?!?!?!…No? Nobody? Ahh, because we aren’t Mexican so it doesn’t mean anything to us and like true assholes we just bastardized it into a stereotype of drinking Corona and eating tacos? Makes sense. It’s next Tuesday by the way. Just a heads up.


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Personal Property


Hey! You staring at dat ass? Just because it looks like someone threw paint on her personal seismograph doesn’t mean you get to look. That’s his ass and he wants you to know it. Back off son.


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Twice A Day


It’s tough to knock someone for practicing good hygiene, but I honestly believe there can be absolutely nothing hygienic about doing anything in a Walmart bathroom.


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I’m just saying this preview of Batman vs. Adorable Yorkie pup looks better than the preview for the Batman vs. Superman movie.


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