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Dick The Halls


Sure, everyone wants to get all offended by Starbucks cups but nobody in the media seems concerned about the big dildo hanging around the Christmas tree!


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Self Propelled


I don’t waffle on topics so I’m gonna go ahead and let my stance be known on these fake hoverboard bullshit things. They’re dumb. You look dumb. They are not the future. You know that impression you get when you see a person on a Segway now? That’s the exact fate you have in store.

North Carolina

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A Red Flag


Whether it’s heritage or hate, you still look like a jackass parading around the deli section with your Confederate flag.


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Good With The Bad


– Bad news: Whatever you did with that Jimmy Cap in a Walmart bathroom is absolutely disgusting and you nasty.

– Good news: The type of person that would use a condom in a Walmart bathroom isn’t procreating.


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