The only question here is why? I honest to goodness can’t think of a single reason why you need your iguana, lizard whatever-the-hell-it-is in Walmart with you. Not even a half assed poor excuse to offer up. Just stop being freaking weird.


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Nap Time


I don’t know where “Walmart bathroom floor” ranks on my list of places to nap because it’s so far down on my list I’d be dead by the time I reached it.


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Caution: Wet Floor


Maybe instead of treating it like a crime scene and waiting for your forensic team to show up, you could just pick the shit up and get it out of the aisle. Just a thought.


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Are We Done Yet?


You’re not alone bud, this is how we all feel when we need to go to Walmart for shampoo and Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies while battling 75 carts along the way.


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