Short Shorts/No Shorts/Underwear


Ass Like That


G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit…..oh check out that ass in the background! How the hell did Marilyn Manson pull that one? Oh yeah that’s right, it’s because she is the type of girl that would wear that to Wal-Mart.


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Frontal Wedgie


The only rational explanation is you have been wearing those jorts for years without taking them off, because I ran the numbers and it’s not possible for you to actually get in or get out of them right now.


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Caption Contest!


Well, not much really needs or can be said, but we would like to hear what you guys think anyway! It’s time once again for all of you to amuse us! A CAPTION CONTEST is upon us again, so let’s see what you got people. The winner will receive a a special weekend getaway with this guy/girl/whatever….Actually we can’t guarantee that, so you will have to settle for a t-shirt or maybe a coupon to Golden Corral. I don’t know, I got shit to do, write some captions.


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Babe Of The Day (Our First & Probably Last)


I guess people wanted our site to have a “Babe of the Day” even though our options are thoroughly limited on that and this will likely be the first and last. The fortunate news is we have also had multiple requests for guys with half-fros…so we got pretty lucky to kill two birds with one stone here.


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