Walmart Bumper Cars

My son and I were walking back to our car which was parked way out near the street when we heard a squealing of tires and a crash. We looked over into the next row of parked cars to see a woman in a midsize green car pushing a parked car as she turned left. She pushed the parked car into the next 3 cars in that row crashing them all together like dominoes. Then she moved to the cars parked across the aisle and hit one of those pushing it into another 5 cars before she finally stopped. Making a total of 10 wrecked cars from one crazy WalMart driver (11 if you count hers). I grabbed my seven year old and ran away from the area. In case she started going again I didn’t want my son to be injured.

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Goth Topic

To start out, I’m gothic. On this particular day I was wearing black jeans, a black T-shirt, several spiked leather bands on my wrists, a pink and black dog collar and, a Nightmare Before Christmas hat. I stopped at Walmart a couple days before Halloween to pick up a few things on my way to work. Another customer came up to me and told me she really liked my costume. I told her it’s not really a costume if I dress like this every day. She flipped out and accused be of being the devil. Her exaxct words were: “You’re one of those devil people, aren’t you!?” and then she ran away. A bunch of other people heard the exchange and started laughing.

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THOSE People

I live in a melting pot of different lifestyles, religions, backgrounds, etc. And apparently, ALL of them shop at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately for some of them, so do the “evangelical Christians” who have taken it upon themselves to minister to the heathens, and feel as though they have the right to do so in as rude and obnoxious a manner as they please.

I was raised by a Baptist mother who was intolerant of homosexuality, and because of this, I am raising my son to appreciate, respect, and love everyone, regardless of race, color, creed, and sexual orientation.

One day, while we were shopping for school clothes for my then 8-year old son, we were arguing about some clothes that I picked out for him. I thought they were cute, and he said they were too “baby-looking.” We were approached by a semi-flamboyant gay man who was also shopping with a small child, and he and I struck up a friendly conversation about boys and their taste in clothes as they get older, while the kids looked for things on the racks around us. My son picked up a shirt and said, “What about this one?” The man said, “That looks really nice. You have good taste!” We chatted for another minute, and then he and his child went on their way.

After they were out of earshot, a Pentecostal woman (I could tell her denomination by her long hair, long skirt, lack of jewelry or makeup, and the scowl on her face) walked up and said, “I wouldn’t buy ANYTHING for my child that was suggested by one of THOSE people.”
“Excuse me?” I said, immediately getting angry.

“It’s people like you, who are tolerant of those abominations, that will send this country straight to hell!” she replied.

I was at a loss for words, so incensed was I at this ignorance and hatred, trying to come up with something to say to get my point across without setting a bad example for my son. But my little boy, without missing a beat, says, “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but hating people for no reason will send you to hell faster than my mom being nice and talking to that nice man.”

The woman couldn’t really say anything after that, whether from embarrassment or anger I couldn’t tell. So I picked up my son, gave him a big kiss, and said to her, “Unless you come to Him like this little child, you shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven.” I know it wasn’t an exact quote, but I didn’t care. As I walked away, I said to my son, “Love, 1, Hate, 0.” And he high-fived me.

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Time For A Swim

Now I am not one to bad mouth people on assistance, my oldest son was seriously ill when he was a baby and I was on it for four months until he was healthy enough to be left with a sitter. Some times though I meet people who really need a reality check and to set their priorities straight.

It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school here in Toronto so I was hitting up Walmart for some of their fabulous deals. In our local one, the back to school section is right beside seasonal so you can’t help but notice their newly discounted summer items. I was standing beside two ladies who were complaining about their meager welfare cheques (sorry checks in the U.S. right?) and how after they were done back to school shopping, there was no way they could afford groceries and would have to hit up the food bank. Next thing I know, an associate is walking up to them with a cart asking them which pools they wanted, yep not one but both were taking advantage of the pool sale, reg $379 on sale for $279.

One of the ladies looked over her shoulder and noticed that I was looking at them and laughed, “Can’t say no to a deal like that?” To which I replied back, “Yep, who needs food when you have a pool right?” Both were speechless and a guy up the aisle started laughing and yelled back “You have balls. Big shiny gold ones, not even I could dig mine out to say something to them!”

Now normally I would have been like him and bit my tongue, but in my humble opinion, if you’re bitching about not being able to afford groceries and having to hit the food bank up you should NOT be spending that kind of money on a pool. It’s called priorities people, feeding your kids comes long before a swimming pool especially in a city that offers FREE swimming for everyone at their pools!

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