Well Aren’t You HILARIOUS

Yesterday while waiting in line at my local Wal-Mart to exchange a defective item, what I was hearing from the customer ahead of me gave me an idea: When it was my turn, I approached the counter without showing what I was exchanging, looked the young woman straight in the eye and said in kind of a rapid-fire manner: “I want you to give me my money back on something I bought last year. I don’t have my receipt and I don’t remember what it was, but that’s your problem, not mine.” She got that deer-in-the-headlights look, but as soon as I finished with what I was saying, I burst into laughter, and she did too because she then realized I was not only kidding, but also showing her some empathy. I told her I understood what she must go through on a daily basis (she corrected me: hourly, not daily), and we both had a good laugh. So did the lady in line behind me, who heard the whole thing.

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Who Would Steal 30 Bagged Lunches?

SHIPPENSBURG — A Wal-mart employee was recently found have been stealing their lunch from the store for the past year.

Carl Martin Lewis, 22, Newburg, was found stealing items from the store at 100 Conestoga Dr. for his lunch around noon each day from Aug. 11 to 15, according to Pennsylvania State Police, Carlisle.

Wal-mart’s Asset Protection Manager noticed that an employee had been stealing his lunch for the past few weeks, police said.

When the manager asked Lewis about the incidents, he stated that he had been doing so for the past year, police said.

The investigation continues, police said.

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Woodstock 2012

Woodstock – WOODSTOCK- The 20-year-old man arrested for exposing his genitals at two Woodstock locations pleaded guilty and was sentenced in Woodstock court Wednesday.

David Stevens was sentenced to serve 17 days in jail but will serve 15 of those days because of credit given for his pretrial custody. He was also ordered to submit a DNA sample for the national DNA databank and received two years of probation.

The Woodstock Police Service had been searching for Stevens after incidents at the Wal-Mart and the Woodstock Public Library. In both incidents, he exposed himself to women in the aisles of each location.

The Wal-Mart incident was reported on July 11 and the Woodstock Public Library incident took place on July 14. Police released surveillance footage from both events on July 20, asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect.

The original two counts of mischief were dropped from Stevens’ list of charges. For each act of exposing himself, he received 17 days, minus time spent in custody and the same sentence for breaching a prior probation order to keep the peace and be on good behaviour. The sentences are to be served concurrently.

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That’s My Tomato!

Idaho Falls Police arrested Keith William McQuilliams early Friday morning for aggravated assault after he threatened four men while shopping at Walmart.

McQuilliams, 32, of Idaho Falls was booked into the Bonneville County Jail.

According to reports, McQuilliams and four men, just around midnight, started verbally arguing in the produce section of the Idaho Falls Walmart. A store manager intervened and the men dispersed from the section.

Then later, McQuilliams confronted the men again in the sporting goods section. The men said McQuilliams pulled out a 4-inch blade pocket knife and displayed it towards them.

Officers responded and detained McQuilliams in the northside parking lot.

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