Thong Spotting

I stopped by my local Walmart to quickly use the bathroom. I went inside and noticed an elderly greeter at the doors. Wanting to be nice, I said hello as I approached. The guy said nothing. I did a bit of a double take (since when do Walmart greeters not say hello?!) and he turned back to me with a somewhat dazed look. “Oh, I’m sorry. I was checking out that lovely lady over there.” I was a little creeped out, but I nodded and said, “Yeah”. “It’s the perfect job for that kind of thing, you know” he said, giving me a bit of a wink. I looked back. The woman was morbidly obese. To give him credit, the woman’s thong was falling out. She wasn’t a creature, but she certainly wasn’t attractive.

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The Parent Trap

I went to just go pick up a few miscellaneous items, hoping to finish up quickly before the rainstorm came in. I was browsing the makeup aisle when all of a sudden I heard a man yelling not far from me. I glanced over and saw a young boy sliding accross the floor. The man, I’m assuming to be his father, yells at him to “Get the fuck up!”

The poor kid was pushing away, with his arm up. “Get your fucking ass off the floor, you son of a bitch!” The man then grabs at the kid and throws him another two feet! I couldn’t believe what I saw! The mom just chimes in “Just get the fuck up.” And what does the kid say? “I’m sorry! When it went off it made me jump!” In the background was a stupid motion-detecting Easter bunny that sings when you pass it.

It didnt end there! I finally left the place and waited outside for the rabbit transit to get there, and your typical redneck family comes out of the store. Both parents were no older than 20 years old, and already had 3 little ones about 2-4 years old, two girls and one boy. The little boy started screaming (playfully) while covering his head, as if protecting himself from the rain. The dad then yelled at the top of his lungs, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! IT’S NOT EVEN RAINING!!” The kid, with a little smile, says “It’s not? Oh!” and started laughing. The dad then yelled at the mom saying “TAKE THIS LITTLE SHIT AWAY FROM ME!”

Mom’s response? “And do what with him?” Dad – “I DUNNO JUST TAKE HIM!”

Mom does exactly that, now trying to control 3 rowdy little ones, and what does daddy do? Hops into his car and takes off, leaving them behind…

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To The Back

I used to work for a Wal-Mart as a cashier. One day when I was working, I had this guy come up to me and as I was checking him out, he was being very flirty. When I was at the last of his items he blurted out, “Let me take you to the back and you can have my babies.”

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F You Disney!

I just wanted to pass along some information. While staying at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club hotel last week I attempted to access POWM. I was using the free internet service in my room. I got a pop up from Disney that the site is blocked because it is tasteless and obscene. Taste is well, a matter of taste and the only thing I found obscene was the prices Disney charges at their parks and resorts. I have never been blocked from POWM in any other hotel that I have stayed in that provides free internet service.

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