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Love Of My Life

I was at the ever-fantastic Wal-Mart a few days ago with my mother. I had just finished explaining to her what peopleofwalmart.com is, when she pointed to the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She was a 6-foot black woman, mid-forties, wearing platform red pleather boots, matching mini skirt and tube top, and the nappiest hair I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. My mom and I followed her from a safe distance, watching in awe as she swept entire shelves of products into her cart: soup, bread, diapers, spices; it didn’t matter. Finally, she reached the meat section, picked the store’s full trash can off the floor, put it in her cart, and marched toward the checkout.

That was the last time I ever saw what could have possibly the very love of my life.

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My mother, cousin and I drove from South Carolina to Louisiana about 8 years ago for a funeral.  The day before we were to leave to go back home, we went to the local Walmart to get an oil change.  We had just dropped off the keys and walked into the store to wait when the PA came on and an employee paged Punani to return to her register!  My cousin and I burst out laughing and my mom just looked confused until we explained the word to her.  We had to leave the store; we were laughing too hard and looking for the unfortunate girl!  I’d worked in a pharmacy for couple of years at that point and have heard some unfortunate names (Stankevious, Ordeal, Incognita, Orangelo), but that one is by far the best!

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The Cart Thief

Granby, NY – A Fulton woman seen driving an electric shopping cart on State Route 3 Sunday was accused of stealing the vehicle 11 days earlier from the Granby Walmart, Oswego County Sheriff’s deputies said.

Rose M. Johnson, 23, of 14 W. 11th St., Fulton, was stopped by a member of the Fulton Police Department Sunday night after she was seen driving the electric scooter with a shopping cart attached on State Route 3 at Airport Road,deputies said.

She was accused of taking the scooter from the store on Aug. 25.

She told deputies that she took the cart valued at $1,000 because her back hurt and that she planned to later return it.

Deputies accused Johnson of misdemeanor petit larceny and gave her a ticket to appear in the Town of Granby Court.

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In The News: The Air Freshener


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Metro police say a woman was taken into custody on Tuesday, accused of impersonating a police officer and displaying a gun inside a Walmart store without a concealed carry permit.

According to store employees, Domenique Chalala, 38, was at the Walmart store on Arroyo Crossing Parkway after midnight on Tuesday when she began arguing with a loss prevention officer at a checkout lane.

According to multiple witnesses, Chalala told employees she was a police officer and lifted her shirt, exposing a handgun tucked into the front waistband of her jeans.

Police arrived, confronted Chalala and located a loaded Walther .380 on her.

Chalala told police that when she attempted to buy a Glade air freshener, the item rang up for more than had been advertised on the shelf, and she was asking for a refund of $20.

Chalala admitted to arguing with a loss prevention specialist and said she felt threatened by him, prompting her to identify herself as a police officer and produce the firearm.

Police said Chalala claimed to have a permit for her gun but it was never located.

En route to Clark County Detention Center, Chalala claimed she was having a heart attack and was taken to San Martin Hospital. She was discharged soon after.

Chalala faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and impersonating a police officer.

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