In The News: Mother & Daughter Caught Stealing

The mother who pushed allegations that her 14-year-old son was “tortured” by Tullytown police late last year was arrested Thursday night by borough officers after a reported shoplifting incident at the Levittown Walmart.

Marissa Sargeant, 32, of Bristol Township, along with another woman are accused of failing to scan merchandise and then attempting to walk out of the store. Walmart said the stolen items were worth $107.30, according to police.

The duo “failed to scan multiple items and then subsequently bagged them as if they had,” police wrote in court papers.

A loss prevention officer working for Walmart detained the women until Tullytown police arrived, court papers say.

Sargeant was arraigned just after midnight on charges of felony retail theft, receiving stolen property and two counts of conspiracy. She was sent to Bucks County prison on 10 percent of $20,000 bail.

As of press time, the other woman listed in court papers has not been charged.

In the fall, Sargeant lead a push on social media and later with the help of two Philadelphia-based private investigators to allege Tullytown police assaulted her son as he was being pursued on Route 13 after he was arrested with his 19-year-old uncle on retail theft charges. The charges stemmed from an alleged theft at the Levittown Walmart. After a firestorm of media attention and a scantily-attended rally against Tullytown police, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler cleared police of any wrongdoing in the November 2013 incident.

According to court records, Sargeant has a spotted past with local police. She was arrested and convicted of simple assault and related offenses in one case and retail theft in another 2010 case, both were out of Bristol Township. The 32-year-old was also convicted of DUI after an incident in Upper Moreland, Montgomery County several years back. In total, police report she has been convicted to retail theft three times before.

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Love Of My Life

I was at the ever-fantastic Wal-Mart a few days ago with my mother. I had just finished explaining to her what is, when she pointed to the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She was a 6-foot black woman, mid-forties, wearing platform red pleather boots, matching mini skirt and tube top, and the nappiest hair I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. My mom and I followed her from a safe distance, watching in awe as she swept entire shelves of products into her cart: soup, bread, diapers, spices; it didn’t matter. Finally, she reached the meat section, picked the store’s full trash can off the floor, put it in her cart, and marched toward the checkout.

That was the last time I ever saw what could have possibly the very love of my life.

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Dueling Banjos

Saturday evening and Wally World is packed–every motorized cart is racing around the store like it’s the Indy 500; aisles are packed with people standing and staring trying to decide between Duncan Hines and Pillsbury cake mixes; etc. You get the picture.

Since I only had a few items I had forgotten at another store earlier in the day, my son and I wandered off to the “express” checkout and were just getting up to the counter, when I heard a rather loud, annoying ringtone from somewhere off to the west. Could not figure out the location, but after about five seconds, my mind finally put the notes together and someone on our side of the store was playing “Dueling Banjos” from Deliverance as their ringtone. Maybe it was their relatives calling from Georgia!

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My mother, cousin and I drove from South Carolina to Louisiana about 8 years ago for a funeral.  The day before we were to leave to go back home, we went to the local Walmart to get an oil change.  We had just dropped off the keys and walked into the store to wait when the PA came on and an employee paged Punani to return to her register!  My cousin and I burst out laughing and my mom just looked confused until we explained the word to her.  We had to leave the store; we were laughing too hard and looking for the unfortunate girl!  I’d worked in a pharmacy for couple of years at that point and have heard some unfortunate names (Stankevious, Ordeal, Incognita, Orangelo), but that one is by far the best!

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