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I was leaving my local wal-mart getting in to my car when i noticed a very odd site. There was a man in the parking lot next to his car across from my own car. He had a giant bottle of water, some terry cloths and a bottle of armor-all in his hands, yet he was not making an attempt to get into his car…. curious i sat in my car to see what he was doing and if that was indeed his car. Anyway this man proceeded to open the bottle of water and dump it on the car. Then he wiped the car down with a terry cloth. THEN he started spraying the car down with the armor-all and wiping it after with the terry cloth… i thought “WOW, REALLY??????? You couldn’t wait till you got home to do that in your driveway????” i found this very bizzare and humorous!! i tried to get a picture to go with it but i couldnt get a good enough shot of Mr. wash my car in the wal-mart parking lot!

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In The News: Drunk At Walmart


NAPLES, FL – Not the average place you would go out to have a drink. Deputies say two women were arrested Friday for drinking wine inside a Wal-Mart.

According to the arrest report, Alicia Potter and Megan Beck took wine from the shelf and started drinking it while walking around the store.

Both women were taken out of the store– as they yelled and cursed at the people nearby.

The report says that Potter was pepper sprayed because she kicked and fought deputies while they tried to put her into the patrol car.

Both were arrested for disorderly intoxication and were taken to the Naples Jail Center.

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The Walmart From God

BERLIN — After a years-long approval and construction process, the new Super Walmart on Route 50 in Berlin opened early Wednesday morning amid much fanfare and ceremony.

The cavernous new 85,000-square-foot store dwarfs the company’s former facility on the site, which opened in 1999. The old store will eventually be torn down and the site will be paved over to create parking for the new facility, which officially opened around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday and will be open 24 hours a day. In the meantime, shuttles are transporting customers from five stops around the old parking area.

The Super Walmart had been in the planning pipeline for several years before ground was broken on the new facility over a year ago. Store Manager Scott Ficca, who served as master of ceremonies for Wednesday’s ribbon cutting and official opening, said the new store was worth the wait.

“Our customers have waited a long time for this day to come,” he said. “It’s finally here.”

The new store creates a one-stop shopping opportunity for residents and visitors including traditional Walmart merchandise along with a vast grocery section, a pharmacy, auto repair, photo lab and just about everything else consumers need. The bright interior colors create an inviting shopping experience and helps define the store’s merchandise areas. Lower shelving creates improved sightlines and directional signage on every aisle helps customers easily find what they are looking for.
Store associate Tabitha Cartwright sang the national anthem at the start of Wednesday’s ceremony and another store associate, Cathy Shockley, delivered a stirring invocation, tying the recent passing of Easter to the store’s opening.

“The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, and now we have a Super Wal-Mart,” she said during Wednesday’s proceedings.

The new Super Walmart, like all new Walmart stores, includes energy-efficient technology and environmentally friendly features to reduce energy and water consumption and minimize waste. The store’s skylights utilize daylight to reduce the amount of energy required to light the facility by up to 75 percent. LED lighting in the store operates 70 percent more efficiently than traditional fluorescent lighting.

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The Girl Scout Bandit

TAYLORSVILLE — Police are looking for a thief who walked up to a group of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside a Taylorsville store and made off with their money.

Investigators say members of Troop 2532 were selling cookies at a stand outside a Walmart store when a man in his 20s approached them late Saturday afternoon.

Lt. Justin Hoyal of the Unified Police Department says the man acted as if he was going to buy some cookies, then reached across the table for the cash box and ran away with it.

The man fled in an older model silver 4-door sedan driven by a woman.

The amount of money stolen wasn’t disclosed but police say it represented all the cash proceeds from a day of selling more than 1,000 boxes.

The money was targeted to help the homeless and pay for Girl Scout camp.

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