Woman Thrown Out For What She Was Wearing

EUGENE, Ore. — Two Junction City sisters are asking an Eugene Walmart for an apology.

The women say they were thrown out because of what one sister was wearing.

It all happened at the Super Walmart on West 11th Sunday.

Sandy McMillin and her sister thought it was going to be a typical stop, but it wasn’t and ended with them being kicked out.

“I was horrified in that they’re throwing me out of the store, for wearing this. I was like, ‘Hello!'” said McMillin.

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Sex In Walmart

Police say a Hutchinson couple was hot and bothered at the local Walmart, and it wasn’t because of the heat wave hitting Kansas.

The couple is facing charges of lewd and lascivious behavior and theft after they reportedly stole K-Y Jelly from Walmart and started to engage in sexual activity – groping each other under their clothing – in front of other shoppers, Hutchinson police reported.

Julian R. Call, 22, and Tina F. Gianakon, 35, were arrested at 6:54 p.m. Sunday at Walmart, 1905 E. 17th Ave. in Hutchinson. They both posted bond to be released from the Reno County jail and have five days to appear in court.

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My other half and I work for a company that does a lot of work for Walmart. One evening, while doing our job, we looked down from a “SkyJack” AKA: scissor lift, and noticed two men acting shady. One was the look out, as the other was doing his “five fingered discounts”. The second shady gentleman was stuffing things in the bag.

As we keep doing our work, the second shady gentleman, who was quite drunk, looks up to us and asks where the digital cameras where. Pointing behind us, we go about out work and allow the mangers on duty of the two gentleman of shadiness. We hear a tussle behind us, as a woman joins the two guys, after putting on layers of clothing in the dressing room. (Middle of June, quite hot out). She takes out clothing, a pink Wii remote, and a belly band that slims you, as an alarm goes off. The second gentleman tried to steal a digital camera., by cutting the security cable with a knife The managers come over, after trailing the trio, and put the alarm off and the camera back. A few moments after the managers leave, the camera was missing an the alarm is sounding again.

The second gentleman staggers up a aisle, and disappears in the store, as the first man, and woman keep as far away from him as possible. They try to leave, and the staff stall them as the police are called. There was a scuffle as the second gentleman was going ass over tea kettles and promptly arrested. The woman made a scene and the first gentleman was not arrested. Lesson learned, never ask those who see all to help you be the most inept shoplifters!

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My husband and I went to Wal-Mart, this has been a while back. My mission was to buy the perfect toy for our puppy. I meticulously picked out a toy, as I tossed it in the air, feeling the texture and testing the durability, it fell to the floor and rolled under the display. Sadly, there was not a toy like it to be found on the rack so my only option was to retrieve my prize from beneath the display. As I blindly swept my hand, it stuck to something….a sticky trap with a dead rat, not a mouse. The spiders and bugs I did not mind, but with a rotten rat stuck to my hand I could not help but scream! My husband rescued me but it seemed as though it took us an hour to get it off!

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