Knife Found In Birthday Cake


LEWISTON, Maine (CNN) – A father in Maine says his son’s birthday party was ruined by his local Wal-mart bakery after they found a knife inside his son’s cake.

“It’s not supposed to happen you know?” Nathan Bibeau, father who discovered the knife, says.

Four pieces into the cake, Bibeau says they found a paring knife inside his son’s cake.
“It definitely put a damper with a lot of things, and I’m pretty disappointed with Wal-Mart,” Bibeau says.

They stopped the party and called Wal-Mart right away.

“People started leaving and the family was pretty upset,” Bibeau says.

Bibeau says he bought the cake in Auburn. The Wal-Mart spokeswoman says the store is taking immediate action to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other customers. The spokeswoman also says Wal-Mart is eliminating the use of that particular knife in bakeries across the country.

The spokeswoman went on to say, “This should not have happened. We’re thankful no one was hurt and sincerely apologize to our customers for their experience. We are reaching out to the family to resolve this.”

Bibeau says Wal-Mart offered a refund and called, asking how to make this better. He says, that’s still not enough.
“We’re not ever going to get that second birthday back ever, you know?” Bibeau says.

He says he has contacted a lawyer and is considering legal action against Wal-Mart.

“Things happen, of course, but if someone is able to make a mistake like that, they shouldn’t have hired them. I’m not going to hold a grudge. I’ll still shop at Wal-Mart,” Bibeau says.

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Walmart Creeper Of The Week

For more than six months, police have been searching for one man who was allegedly putting hidden cameras in bathroom stalls.

Middlesboro Police say they arrested an East Tennessee man on several charges of promoting a minor in sexual performance.

Folks say they were shocked that their privacy was allegedly invaded on such a serious scale.

Middlesboro police tell us they worked for more than six months to catch 49-year-old Randal Rogers.

Officers say Rogers allegedly placed hidden cameras in several different men’s restrooms, including the one in the Middlesboro Walmart.

Police say they recovered hours of footage from the cameras but it’s impossible to tell who any of the victims are.

Rogers is charged with several counts of promoting a minor under the age of 16 in a sexual performance.

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Love Connection


A study of “missed connection” posts on Craigslist, where love-struck hopefuls try to track down and win over a stranger who caught their eye, found that Walmart is the most popular place for people to find love at first sight, according to Psychology Today magazine.

It could be the halo of fluorescent lights, the everyday low prices, or maybe a shared glance in the check-out line. Whatever it is, more people thought they saw their future spouse at a Walmart than anywhere else in 15 states.

Not all connections happened at Walmart, of course.

In New York, the most frequently cited spot was the subway, and in California, the popular gym chain 24 Hour Fitness.

Age also plays a role.

The most common place for missed connections for 20-somethings was an ice cream store. At 30, it was a bar, and for people over 40, it was a strip club or adult bookstore.

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What Did You Learn Today?

Me and some friends were sent back to the classroom to use and share 1 computer since all the laptops in the library were gone. We ended up looking at the pictures on The ironic part was another class was studying in our classroom and we were laughing so loud and the teacher didn’t notice us but when someone sneezed, she said quiet down.

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