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So I had an interesting night. Some Bitch at Walmart was being a Bitch & said that she would laugh if Brittney got hurt & she wouldn’t call an amb. I said a few things & said id beat her ass & they trued 2 say Haley said it. I said I said id beat that bitches ass I don’t give a f**k. I said it like 20 times. O Mark went off on a diff lady cuz she got in there face. (I so can’t wait tell I have this baby cuz the next bitch is mine. I don’t care if she’s in her 40s maybe older – don’t fuck with my kids). Hope ic her on the street someday when she doesn’t have a Walmart worker do her job. Lol… What a BIG P***

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Submitted By A Walcreature

The Other Day, I Went To Wally World To Grab Some Shit. Out Of The Corner Of My Eye, I Noticed 2 Omish Folks Browsing For Stuff. Funny. But As I Went To The Checkout Lane, They Were Checking Out As Well So I Joined The Line They Were In. Sure Enough, They Bought Writable CD’s, Lemonade And Cheese Its.

I’m Pretty Sure That Omish People Are Supposed To Make Shit On There Own. So They Are Breaking There Own Customs =D lol

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