Piggly Wiggly


Mmmmm, the other white meat! I have to assume that much like every other part of her body, it tastes delicious!

South Dakota

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Come Sail Away With Me


Whew! Finally we can cross “Bike-Sailing” off the list of ways people travel to Walmart. By the way, I’m guessing with the time and effort you put into building this contraption you could have worked somewhere long enough to buy an Escalade with some time leftover to study for and ace your driving test.


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You Drive What?


Hey everybody, don’t forget the Wal-creatures have to get there somehow! Drive on over and check out and have a laugh.


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Outdoor Living It Up


Ummm, yeah,the Outdoor living sign is there to let you know the type of products they sell inside, not a sign to inform you were pitch you tent to stake your claim at Walmart.


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