No Girls Allowed


Is it still a tree house if it’s not technically in a tree? I think I’ll allow it.

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If you are going to paint something so ridiculous on your car, couldn’t you at least put it on the back so when the time comes that your 1988 Honda Accord finally passes somebody that it actually makes sense. Maybe? Still probably not though…
North Carolina

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So Paid…I Think?


Let me get this straight. You spent money. To paint money. On the side of your Impala. Yet, you don’t have rims and you drive an Impala with money painted on the side, so that suggests you don’t really have money… I’m confused.

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“Hey dude, I’m gonna turn my car into a Stegosaurus!” – ‘Ya, absolutely. I honestly can’t think of anything else to spend your money on. Probably one of the best investments you can make actually. You’re gonna get so much tail in that thing.’

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