James Is A Dick

I kinda want to know what James did to the window. Maybe that guy is James. If he is James I don’t even need an explanation I’m automatically on the “Fuck you James” bandwagon.


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Fresh Goat Smell

Nothing to see here. Just a goat being super casual about hanging out in a Jeep. Hopefully his owner is in there buying a shit ton of car air fresheners.


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The Sandwich Artist

Holy shit. I think a company name on your car is ridiculously stupid. But lets say I’m on bored with it…who the hell is picking Subway? Out of all the brand names out there, you pick Subway. I guess it’s very fitting how it was done. Anything more professional than you sitting on a milk crate outlining it in Sharpie is too good for Subway.


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Do people not just drive their cars anymore. Like get in, turn the key, get from point A to point B? That’s not how it’s done in rainbow bunny land?


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