Ho 4 Sho

Soooo you are just Nick Saban’s side piece or something? Which reminds me, I feel like I can say this with 100% confidence, but I believe every married man in Alabama would definitely not only allow Saban to sleep with their wife but would most likely brag to his friends about it. Fact.

South Carolina

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The Trike

Can’t fit in at bike rally, won’t fit in at a car show. The struggle is real.


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Killer truck wrap. I’d say it comes in handy when you want to piss off PETA supporters even when it’s not hunting season, but you’ve got a Texas plate and I’m pretty sure it’s always hunting season and you’ve kicked all two of the PETA supporters out of the state already.


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Prepared For Anything

Looks like the glovebox of my wife’s car. Oh, did you cut your femoral artery while driving? Here’s a vascular clamp I keep in my car for such an occasion. Always be prepared.


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