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Shorts To Skirts


Wow, this whole Caitlyn Jenner thing is really trending right now…

New York

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Rocking His Sh*t


Batman, Superman, Ferrari and the National Stripper League? I’m so confused but I also really want to hang out with you.


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The Creeper


That is like WAY too much effort being put into watching a woman pee or release her fun (because we all know women don’t poop, only rainbows and unicorns come out). Seriously though, resorting to drag to become a Peeping Tom. Wow. You know the internet exists right? Be a total perv in privacy dude.

Read the story here:


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WWIB: Slap Dat Ass


I suppose you need to ask yourself if you’re more of a thinker or a fighter when choosing between these bootys. Cause you’re either gonna play some chess or just take a slap out of dat ass.


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