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Easy Greasy


Holy greasy skullet Batman! Wowzers! Do you think all that grease helps the hair slowly grow longer and greasier just as it drips down. Almost like a black icicle?


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Back In Black


Once again that time of year has come and passed where people give thanks for all that they have and then a few hours later won’t hesitate trample a total stranger to death to save $150 on a TV (which is probably the 3rd or 4th one they will have in their home) or taser a person to get some $35 toy. I hate Black Friday, but whatever, it is what it is. What I hate even more is how it has crept into Thanksgiving evening and ruined the days of employees who would rather spend time with their family than breaking up a fight over some Beats By Dre. Hope you all made it through alive.

United States

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WWIB: Panty Raid


Normally me and the boys over at perk up when we hear “see through yoga pants” but we are starting to realize 101 out of 100 times that comes from a Walmart we usually don’t want to look. But, while we are forcing you to loo let us know who you think wears it better!

North Carolina

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