Walmart Fashion


Turkey Lurkey Do


Anyone else as excited for Thanksgiving as we are? I mean, we know the Holiday Man is, but we are super pumped to eat too much and drink too much and not nap enough.

New York

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You Bastard


Somebody alert Austin Powers. The super villain Fat Bastard has been spotted in the most obvious of hiding spots…Walmart.


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Happy Veterans Day


Do we have to censor out inappropriate cartoon tattoos? Maybe our friends over at can shed some light on the topic? I don’t know. What I do know is that is a very, very, very weird tattoo to have no matter how big of a Caitlyn Jenner fan you are…Ehh ohhh! Cause she has a wiener.


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I’m Here To Party


Ahhh children, nearly everything ridiculous in the world somehow makes perfect sense to them. Not sure where his parents are, but I guess that’s kinda obvious by the 1 shoe and the oversized hat he is struggling to breathe from.


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