Walmart Fashion


Diva Run


Dude looks like he is ready to whoop some ass in some sort of diva high-heel marathon run. Also, piece of advice, don’t look at this picture slowly from the ground up it will only confuse you. I know the ending going into it yet I keep doing it expecting something to change. Kinda like how you keep opening the refrigerator when you’re hungry hoping to find something new, but leaving disappointed again.

New York

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Luke The Lizard


I wish you were a lizard. Then I could step on you. That story would end and we’d all move on happily.


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Don’t judge. Lets not act like we all haven’t had those times where we drank too much Jagermeister and ended up going to Walmart looking like a hot mess of a biker chick.


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Where The White Women At?


In case you were wondering why black dudes are always so chill….Whaaaaat? Is that a racist stereotype?


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