Walmart Fashion


Scared Straight


Welp, I’m officially terrified. But I didn’t feel like sleeping this week anyway. I for real have no clue what’s going on here and why everyone is so chill about it. The only logical explanation is the person who took this photo had the glasses from 13 Ghosts where they could see the ghosts and everyone else can’t. Only possible explanation.

New York

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Manufactured Crack


Looks like someone is selling unlicensed People Of Walmart gear. That’s so spot on though, I’m not even angry we didn’t create it. I’m just impressed.


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Mortal Haircut


Barber: What can I get you?
Her: You know Goro from Mortal Kombat?
Barber: Say no more, I got you.


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Pierce This


Well hello. I suppose we are approaching summer time when, in the wise words of Young Jeezy, we “Drop the top, no bra, got da titties out.” – Word to live by Jeezy. Also, just an FYI in case you’re wondering, they are pierced.


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