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Into The Wild


Why am I less creeped out by the huge dead raccoon on his head than I am of that power ‘stache?


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6 Comments Walmart Fashion  //  Washington

Wrap It Up


Yeah, I’m not sure I completely follow the logic behind your homemade hat, but I do know that covering it in plastic wrap to protect it is probably the right choice. You wouldn’t want a hat that can apparently survive all of those elements being exposed to those elements.

New York

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1 Comment New York  //  Walmart Fashion

It’s What’s for Dinner


Why are all these guys following me everywhere?


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8 Comments Pennsylvania  //  Profane Shirts  //  Walmart Fashion

Red Stripe


Let’s say hypothetically here that we let you slide on the jacket/purse combo and even for the heck of it, the bandana too. What is it you are trying to convey to the world with the red striped socks that you didn’t think got across to everyone with the rest of your get up?


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No Comments Florida  //  Walmart Fashion
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