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Jo-Ann Fabric


Oh yeah sure, I would definitely trust your color and fabric selection. It’s so obvious you are an expert at picking out winners! I’m sure that green will make a delectable wedding dress or something.


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4 Comments Hawaii  //  Walmart Fashion

I Know I’m Sexy


Three babies were prematurely born when he walked past their mothers. Coincidence? I think not.
Disclaimer: PoWM is not responsible for any premature births due to the viewing of this picture.


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1 Comment Florida  //  Walmart Fashion

Crocin’ Out


He brought the beats, I brought the flattened cardboard box. He left with my thick gold rope chain, I left without my pride….but that’s the life of a breakdancer.


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2 Comments California  //  Walmart Fashion

Conflict Between Good & Evil


Well, what would you do when your sports team, the New Jersey Devils, is in conflict with your beliefs? You lucked out there with being an Angels baseball fan though. I’m gonna guess your NL team is the Padres.


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60 Comments Minnesota  //  Walmart Fashion
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