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Bam! Pow! Boom!


Well I suppose Comic book store employees grow old and retire too.


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3 Comments Kentucky  //  Walmart Fashion

Strawberry Shortcake


So she lives in Barbie’s Dream House, uses an Easy Bake Oven and drives around in her Power Wheel; You grew up, have a miserable job and pay taxes. Who’s the goofy one?


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2 Comments Missouri  //  Walmart Fashion

A Bloody Mess


Man, you should see Bambi…she’s pumped!


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3 Comments Georgia  //  Walmart Fashion

The Pink Panther


SAT Sample Question: Ankle weights are to weightlifting as _____ is to fashion.

A: Jorts; B: Tight Pink Spandex; C: All of the Above


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2 Comments Alabama  //  Walmart Fashion
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