Walmart Fashion


For $50, I’ll Rip It Off

Hunny if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

South Carolina

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The New Jersey Viking

You may call these new aged vikings lazy for just scooping up women on their bikes and riding away. I say they are just adapting with the times. You may then say he isn’t a viking because he is black. I would then say you are a racist and point you to nearly 84% of the Minnesota Vikings for proof.

New Jersey

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They Do Exist

Well at least they are patient aliens who quietly wait their turn before they attack…Or maybe no one at that Walmart fits the description of a human being so they are confused and are questioning if they are in the right place.


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Cotton Eye Joe

By the looks of it, I presume he is proficient in both hippie hacky-sack and moonshine jug band music…that’s talent.

New York

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