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Send Us Your Belly

Why use the old Walmart smiley? Personally I think the PoWM frowny face is more appropriate here. In fact, I’m now personally offended. First pregnant woman to send us a pic of the PoWM smiley face painted on their belly at Walmart gets a signed PoWM book. Fat chicks with bellies need not apply because I specifically said preggers.


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Mouse In The House

Even Mickey Mouse in Fantasia would think that getup is a little too weird. Although, you might be the most pleasant trench coat creeper anyone has ever met, so I guess there are 2 sides to every coin.


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Baby Gap

Oh hey what’s up baby, how you doin’? Why don’t you give me a little quick peep underneath that little cute shirt of…oh those are man-boobs. Don’t tell my friends about this conversation.


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WWIB: Halloween Costume Edition

It’s time for this week’s installment of Who Wears It Better?! Today’s matchup deals is between two heavy hitters in the gaming industry. Do you go with the classic Pac-Man or Pokemon’s Pikachu complete with handbag? The choice is yours people!

Florida & Nevada

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