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Hands Behind Your Back Sir


Back in my day we had to walk 5 miles uphill both ways to the town brothel before we could get handcuffed.


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1 Comment Pennsylvania  //  Walmart Fashion

You Name It


I know what a muffin top is, but i’ve never seen the muffin back. I think there needs to be a better word for it, so we’re open to suggestions.


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51 Comments Tennessee  //  Walmart Fashion



I was just wondering what happened to that kid from “Jungle 2 Jungle”.


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1 Comment Nevada  //  Walmart Fashion

Gettin’ Some Jell-O Puddin’ Pops


I can’t tell which is weirder, the ugly Christmas sweater, camo pants tucked into the boots, the fanny pack, or my man in the back rockin’ the Kurt Warner Rams jersey. I’m just kidding about the Warner jersey. There is nothing weird about the greatest show on turf.


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41 Comments Minnesota  //  Walmart Fashion
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