Walmart Fashion


Good Morning!

Is it odd that I’m more upset about wearing socks with thong sandals than I am about the yoga shorts over pajama bottoms? Seriously though, I don’t care how cute your socks are, don’t wear them with sandals. Doesn’t work like that. Oh and it’s common sense not to drive eye traffic to your ass when it’s already congested with everything else going on. Go home and press restart.


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Pops In Pink

My grandfather is prettier than your grandfather. Yeah, so nothing else I really need to say other than that. Tell your grandpa to step his sexy game up then get at me.


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What What Double Butt

You see the problem is you only covered your lower ass and completely ignored your upper ass. I mean, I guess I should give you the benefit of the doubt because up until this moment I’ve never heard of a double-butt, double-chin yes, but double-butt no. However, we are all now on notice so ignorance is now no longer an excuse.


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Shake Your Beer Can

I’m starting to think they give those jorts away in one of those special edition NASCAR themed cases of Busch beer.


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