Walmart Fashion


Hardly Noticable

Going bald with dignity…’re doing it wrong.


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My Captain

You see people!?!? This is what happens to our heroes after they are done fighting the good fight and are forgotten. Captain America, like so many before him, have nothing but 2 bum legs as a thank you for all his years of service. Shame to you all for taking them for granted.


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The Back Rack

I’m not sure why, but I just can’t shake the urge to run up and put one of those back titties in a headlock and unloading fist blows into it. Maybe it’s for the sheer fact that I can put a back titty in a headlock, maybe not; All I know is I wanna do it so bad!!

North Carolina

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Party Time

This is someone I would want to ring in the new year with because you know he’s got the best shit in town.


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