Walmart Fashion


Hello Kitty

I think at a certain age it stops being cutesy little Hello Kitty and just gets to a depressing, “Oh, hey cat. I’ll feed you once Jeopardy is over.”


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Ass Like That

Wow! On a scale of 1 to 10 of your ability to fashionably pull those off, with 1 being “not even remotely” and 10 being “damn girl you look like Jessica Biel in those!” I would have to put you somewhere in the -23 to -25 range, or better known as the “I’d prefer to stare at that old guy’s ass from The Hangover movie”.


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Apply Now!

The only scenario where bringing crack with you to a job interview is a positive thing!


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Pac Attack

I like how if you look at it sideways it kinda looks like a heart….or Pac-Man. Ya Pac-Man probably hits closer to home with her. Let’s go with that instead.


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