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Why so blue panda bear?


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Pagans & Puppies

Check out this bad mother watch your mouth! Damn, I’m surprised Sons of Anarchy hasn’t introduced a guy with a puppy pouch into their show yet, strictly for intimidation purposes!


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You Just Might

With a shirt like that how could she possibly not? By the way, check out some other classy shirts over at then pick one up so that you too can disgust every person that sees you!


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WWIB: Granny’s Caboose

Once again it’s on like Donkey Kong! In this edition of “Who Wears It Better?”, we’ve got the battle for grandma’s booty! So who ya got, the eldest member of the Bad Girls Club or Blow Me Where The Pampers Is? (Bonus points for those who get that last reference.)

Texas & Wisconsin

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