Walmart Fashion


Turbo Bass

If you boom the bass the bitches be lovin’ that shit, just a fact of life. I’m surprised more people don’t know that, so I’m in full support of his haircut to raise awareness for the bass to bitches ratio.


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Zebra Cakes

You know who else likes zebras that much? Nobody, because they are like the gingers of the horse community.

New Hampshire

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That Sh*t Cray

Well I suppose that’s one way to disperse the Black Friday crowds. I’ll tell you this much, if I was there, I’d certainly think twice before getting between her and a $3 ironing board.


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It’s All Gravy

You ever put liquid into a bag then instantly realize what a bad idea it was? Well it looks like she decided to store all of her leftover Thanksgiving gravy into her sandbags…also a bad idea.


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