Walmart Fashion


Shoe & Tell

Whoa! Quite a pair of shit-kickers you got going on there amigo. They sorta have this rodeo-witch feel to them but I really can’t be sure. Maybe you guys can tell me what these boots are made for, because I can see they aren’t made for walking.


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Lookie Lookie, I’ve Got Hookie

Oh hell ya! It looks like they are remaking Jungle 2 Jungle but with Rufio from Hook…should be tiiiiight.


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Willy Nilly

It seems like it’s been forever, but everyone’s favorite pimp is back! Look at Willy getting all festive and shit with his matching Target bag. Glad to see you still got it my man.


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Face The Facts

Just because it has an uppity name brand on it like The North Face instead of being pulled out of someone’s trash doesn’t mean it doesn’t look like shit. Sorry to break the news to you like this Puff Daddy, but you wasted a lot of money.


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