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Keep On Truckin’


You can’t get too wrapped up in that low price of produce. Don’t forget you’ve got a woman tied up in the back of your Mack truck.


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3 Comments Missouri  //  Walmart Fashion



I see London, I see France, I see that you have no idea what color contrast is.

Florida & Minnesota

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6 Comments Florida  //  Minnesota  //  Walmart Fashion

Holla’ For A Dolla’


Kinda like a cross between 1999 Britney Spears and Elly May Clampett. Now go tell your man to stop taking the ones out of your purse and throwing them at her in the middle of the store.


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12 Comments Kentucky  //  Walmart Fashion



How awkward is it that they both showed up as the same Village People character?


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4 Comments Featured Creature  //  Texas  //  Walmart Fashion
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