Walmart Fashion


WWIB: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Just because you can see through them doesn’t mean they aren’t wearing it, so by technicality I present to you Who Wears it Better: See-Through-Sluts Edition. Now before you hurry up and jump to the “sure thing” as your winner, I just want you to take a minute and enjoy the intricacies of the striped leggings and purple underwear. Okay, now that you respect the competition, make your decision.

Florida & Texas

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I Swag When I Shop

Italian swag? Really? Dammit people, why do you continuously cause harm to every Italian person in the world? Wasn’t it bad enough for those greasy tools from Jersey Shore to drag the Italian people through the mud? Now we have this Walcreature taking a dump all over its heritage. Jesus folks, we’re making the Irish look normal at this point!

North Carolina

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A Bum Collage

Hypothetical here for ya…If we took all the bare asses, bottom biscuits, whale tales and plumber’s cracks that have shown up here on PoWM, what do you think we could build out of ’em? I’m thinking maybe one of those cool¬†walking Star Wars thingys¬†that shoot people! Right? One of those made out of asses! Awww man, people would be freakin’ terrified.


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WWIB: Piggly Wiggly

You guys probably don’t hear it, but every time we do a “Who Wears It Better?” there is this upbeat techno type of theme music playing in my head and it pumps me the F up! Anyway, back to business. Pigtails on anyone over 10 years old look ridiculous. So while they both lose, you guys get to pick who loses the least. I don’t want to sway any opinions but the one girl’s pigtails are curly like a pig’s tail. Whaaat?

Texas & Washington

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