Walmart Fashion


The Kiss Of Crack


Oh God! What is that, Sauron’s eye?!? It looks so angry! I guess that literally is a butt-hole, and none of us can unsee this ever!


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Hell On Heels


High heels and a bikini can mean only 2 things: (1) She is a stripper and/or (2) She twists her ankles a lot walking on a sandy beaches….On a side note I wonder if she does shopping cart dances or motorized cart dances.


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Ohhh! I think this is one of those double picture things! So do you see a vase or two old people?


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Where Is The Fanny Pack?


You know when your child comes out of his/her room dressed like the kid from Big Daddy and you ask them if they “got dressed in the closet”? That’s cute. This is just sad.


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