Walmart Fashion


The Domesticated Giraffe

Ah yes, the rare pink giraffe in her natural habitat. If she asks you if you want to see her “black tongue”, please answer carefully.


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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful?

When you hear the term “up-skirt”, this is probably the last thing that comes to mind.


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The Zookeeper

We couldn’t afford Kevin James for our rendition of Zookeeper, so we hired this guy to dress the part and slap a tarantula on the back of his head. I can already tell you which one will be more entertaining to watch.


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We’re Jammin’

Given your hairstyle it’s obvious that you like Bob Marley , but his song “Jamming” wasn’t about going to Walmart in your pajamas. Even if it was, he would be proud to jam in his pajamas and not hide them with that lumberjack coat.


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