Walmart Fashion


Beggin’ For It

Oh wouldn’t it be great if all females came with instructions? Damn, life would be easy! I mean, I’m still gonna pass on the spanking but I’m sure there is a fella or two out there who is looking to leave his red paw prints all over dat ass!


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Wipe Me Down

My guess is the strip club ran out of sanitary wipes for the pole and someone had to go get more. You would figure they would stock up on those at Sam’s Club or something but I suppose strippers aren’t known for their sharp minds.


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American Made

Well that’s just great for your ass! Now if we can only find a company dumb enough to let us export it to them.


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The Belly Buddy

Who needs one of those folding animal pillows pets when you have the “Belly Buddy” that molds to any style of pants?


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