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West: #1 Fanny Packin’ It On Vs. #16 Talk Sh*t Get Hit


In our #1 vs. #16 match-up, I have a feeling that not only will Fanny Pack talk shit, but she won’t even get hit by our 16 seed.

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Who’s Hungry?


Jesus lady, go find some more clothing because your ass looks hungry enough to start eating your friend’s ass soon!


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Beer, NASCAR, & Mullets


I guess the empty beer can doesn’t fall far from the trailer.


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The Blue Poodle


You look like a big blue poodle and I wanna kick you. Do you realize how angry with myself that makes me? I love dogs. Love ’em! And yet your little stunt here is bringing out a side in me I don’t like. Do something about it or I’ll put you to sleep.


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