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Flame On: Caption Contest


Sure I could say something about this guy being a flamer, but I’d rather see what you guys have to say about him…CAPTION CONTEST! (FYI, every time I write it, I’m screaming it inside my head like the secret word on Pee-wee’s Playhouse so I suggest you do the same. It’s more fun that way.)


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Down, Set, Gut!


I guess you have one of those built-in hand warming pouches that quarterbacks wear…lucky…

South Carolina

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Mythological Beast


I can’t tell if that’s a scary man or a scary woman, but obviously we can’t have a picture from the front because we would be turned into stone, so we have to make due with just concluding it’s a scary mythological creature and I think everyone is fine with that.


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Flying Monkeys!


She is probably picking up some Gatorade. Do you know how draining flying to the haunted forest, ripping up a scarecrow, and kidnapping Dorothy is? And her little dog too!


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