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I Don’t Do Drugs, Just Weed


It’s unfortunate your typical job application doesn’t include a section for pictures, because I’m pretty sure they would cancel the rest of their interviews…..”She has a weed tattoo, so what? That doesn’t mean she is a bad employee.” – First off, you’re probably just as dumb as her so shut up. Second, I wouldn’t hire her as a prostitute with decision making skills like that because she would probably try to solicit a marked police car.


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I’ll Give You Crew Cut!


Well that is certainly easier than actually buying and having to put on a head band everyday.


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Ripped To Shreds


Aside from pointing out the obvious (that this looks incredibly stupid), how does one go about doing this? Do you put the fishnet on then purposefully rip holes? Because that seems like you are trying too hard not to fit in. Or did they rip in some sort of scenario where you are running through thorny bushes? Or were they ripped prior to you putting them on? Because that seems like it would be difficult to do with your feet and toes catching on all the holes…..may I suggest a sweatsuit?


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