Walmart Fashion


The Belt Collector


I was getting ready to wig out on this gentlemen for not only wearing suspenders with a belt, but wearing suspenders with 2 belts, then I remembered all the ass cracks hanging out on here and figured the extra effort not to subject us to that should be applauded.


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Nothing Gold Can Stay


What does a guy wear who is a lover of Goldie Hawn, has a golden retriever, and has a gold tooth? How the f*ck should I know?


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Reverse! Reverse!


Look at the luscious boobs on…OH MY GOD!

South Carolina

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Ride A Little Lower


Ya know, most guys wouldn’t purposefully wear the half shirt and low-rider jeans to accentuate their midriff and lower back, but to really put out the vibe at Walmart you need to flaunt what you’re working with….which is exactly why I walk around Walmart in assless chaps!


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