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Red vs. Green


Okay it’s debate time people. Who wears ‘em better (and by “better” we mean which one do you want to cut down at the knees less?) – Angry Red Monster or Goofy Green Girl?

North Carolina

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Eat Mor Chikin


Okay, I see you’re attacking the term “cowgirl” from all angles there, which I commend; however, I still don’t think that’s what your man meant when he said he liked cowgirl.


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Moons Over My Hammy


We landed on the moon! You can tell by all the rolling hills and craters…..and the fact that you would want a spacesuit before touching down.


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Peanut Butter And Bandanas


What type of failed wrestler are you? And is that a knee bandana? Unless you’ve been shot in the leg, there is never a need for a leg bandana. You are never going to get your shot at the Championship belt so give it up and keep making your way on over to the Poison reunion concert.


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4 Comments Kentucky  //  Walmart Fashion
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