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First Day Of Summer

It’s the first day of Summer!!!! You know what that means? Fun in the sun! Well, except for those of us with jobs, then it’s more like every other day in a cubicle. But have no fear, we will provide all of you pasty white people plenty of pictures of people beating the heat by wearing less than they should be!

Alabama, Ohio, & Texas

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Seein’ Red

So I can’t help but think when this sexy beast turns around I’m gonna shit my pants in fear of her snarling demon-like face. Don’t get me wrong, chances are good she is just a normal woman, but I like to imagine she might actually be some half predator half demon thing. It scares and excites me at the same time!


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Body Jewels

Yup, cause that is where underground piercings should be taking place at. Now I’m not saying you are probably a slut just because you are getting your belly button pierced, that would be too broad of a statement. I’m saying you are probably slutty because you are getting a belly button piercing in a Walmart parking lot….which is also likely the place 3 of your 7 kids will be conceived.


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WWIB: Fudge Me

I guess this is like a “Who Wears F*ck Better?” and to be honest, I’m not even sure what to do. Obviously the one is just plain rude and lacking in vocabulary, but the other one will more than likely cause you to get arrested if you follow it. I don’t know, maybe we can just have the one grab the other’s titty and get yelled at for being a f*cking f*ck.

North Carolina & Ohio

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