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Caption Contest!

I’ve been staring at here for 25 minutes and can’t think of anything to say, which is a first for me. Give us your best one-liner in the comments and whoever is the funniest may receive this piece of gum that is underneath my desk.


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Coming Up Shorts

How did you both manage to cover nothing, yet everything at the same time? I don’t know whether to congratulate or punish you.


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After Dinner Snack

It must be odd for you to run into SO many illiterate women. You ever think that maybe the only reason people could read that shirt is because they have almost snapped their necks turning their heads sideways in complete shock and disgust?

West Virginia

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Let’s Play A Game

And it’s time for one of my favorite (and quite possibly the grossest) game, “How much money would it take to get you to lift and sniff?


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