Walmart Fashion


It Makes You Poop!

I would suggest not getting the Activia yogurt, because despite what Jamie Lee Curtis says, you don’t want that to work too quickly while you’re wearing those shorts!


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I Want Candy

Well, for you guys that plan on giving her candy, I would suggest keeping it in the wrapper.


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Power Of Ten

Nope, not a costume folks! I’m pretty sure she is Cousin Itt’s mistress, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. What has been confirmed is the fact that her hair weighs about 31 lbs and takes over 10 hours to wash. Seriously, that part has actually been confirmed. It doesn’t take me 10 hours to wash my house, car, clothes, dogs and self combined. What level of commitment would you have?


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We “Like” You Too!

Much like the flocks of men that follow this gal, you follow us and we appreciate it. People Of Walmart just went over 750,000 Facebook fans and we just wanted to say thank you the only way we know how, and that’s to show you some sexy pics like this one above. Imagine the type of mind blowing shit we will throw at you once we hit 1 million! So tell your friends & your family, disable that site blocking software at work, and keep taking pics because we love you all….well most of you anyway.

New Mexico

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