Walmart Fashion


Fourth Time’s A Charm


Well, Captain Underpants has already been once, twice, three times a lady. At least this time he wore a fresh pair of undies.

West Virginia

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Sweatin’ To The Oldies


Richard Simmons would be proud of that butt. He probably didn’t envision the literal version of “sweating to the oldies” but I know he’d still be loving it.


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Mop Top


Oh hey it’s Doll Face back again! I see she is still holding that grudge against the world, and that seems to be really working out well for her because it definitely doesn’t look like she has a dusty mop on her head.


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A Product Of Good Vs. Evil


I was just wondering to myself what it would look like if the Dark Knight version of Batman and the nurse Joker had a baby…..which they neglected.


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