Walmart Fashion


Beating Them Off With A Stick

Despite being an elderly man with a cane, side boob, and what appears to be a tiny pee stain, I sill can’t shake the feeling that this guy would smack a bitch back to Tuesday. Gotta respect that.


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Mr. Poppins

I got bad news for everyone…sometimes your fair maiden never comes. However, keep your chin up because sometimes your fair maiden does come…and looks like this.


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But They Don’t Fall Down

Hehehehehehehe! – Oh, why am I giggling like a school boy? Because you remind me of my childhood toys theĀ Weeble Wobbles.


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The Man With The Yellow Hat

You are probably asking yourself “Hey, where is Curious Georege?” and the answer is quite simple. He IS curious, so he is probably exploring the rest of Walmart, getting into some sort of adventurous predicament, no doubt.


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