Walmart Fashion


A Hat To Match


Good call on the tiny hat, because it takes away from…..well, it takes away from the rest of you.


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She Fancy Huh?


At first glance I was unsure whether she was a classy lady or a ho fo’ sho, but then I saw the tramp stamp which is basically the ho equivalent to the FDA’s seal of approval.


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In The Jungle


Thanks for giving us all a heads up that it’s a veritable jungle down there!


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The Hidden Pineapple


I see you found the hidden pineapple on Psych. Oh, and I also see that you spend a few hours each day applying makeup to tell the world that you’re different from them while on the inside you simply wish you could just blend in….or you are just extremely ugly and need to cover it up. Either way, enjoy scaring elderly people.


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