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Luck Of The Irish

If the Irish have so much damn luck, how come I see WAY more Asian people than Irish people in Vegas? Riddle me that.


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Delicious & Nutritious

Well after all this time I’m still not sold on the whole poppin’ your titty our to feed your child in public. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m completely ok with the first part of that sentence, but as soon as a kid gets involved I lose interest. Maybe someone can change my mind and convince me that it’s a completely natural and acceptable thing to do in public, but it would take some serious Johnny Cochran type of argument to get me on board.


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Forever Lazy

You ever hit that point where you question our entire population as a species? I mean I was at the tipping point with the Snuggie, but now we are so spoiled and lazy that even a Snuggie is inconvenient?!?! We have to have onesies now? Really? Hell, they aren’t even trying to be cute with the name, they call the damn thingĀ Forever Lazy! Wow! “Hey fat lazy Americans, now you don’t have to change your clothes at all.” Wow!

Florida & Indiana

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Billy Likes Soda

Good news: now you can stop being angry as to why when you were a child your parents never let you drink pop all the time. His parents let him have pop all the time. He really likes soda.


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