Walmart Fashion


Kiss The Rings B*tch


It looks like Elvis is doing his best impression of the Steelers with all those rings! Stairway to seven tomorrow baby!


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Spring Hasn’t Sprung


Dude, I know Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring but give it some time, it was only yesterday!

West Virginia

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Who’s To Blame?


Take a moment and just think of all the irresponsible people who could have stopped this from happening. The inventor, the manufacturer, the distributor, the person who orders inventory, the sales clerk, the cashier, friends/family/strangers, a mirror, common sense. If any one of these simply spoke up to correct a wrong, we would all have been better off. So remember this lesson.


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Now Can I Play With Yo Panty Line?

Can I see your panty lines?!?! Lady, I’m having trouble seeing your pants due to your panty lines!


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