Walmart Fashion


Welcome To Medieval Times!


Hey Wench, get off thee ass and pick up me ale so I may wet thy gullet and slay some dragons.

West Virginia

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Holy Shirts & Pants


Judging by your posture and the “shirt” that ¬†you are wearing, I’m going to assume that your wife may have been confused when you said you went to the store to buy a few wife beaters and she then proceeded to beat you like the little bitch that you are.


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Miss January


Since it looks like the bikini you are rocking is actually your size, I can’t complain about too much here. Other than the fact that it is JANUARY and you live in OHIO and are shopping in WALMART, that outfit seems rather appropriate.


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Front Butt


When what you’ve got going on there looks like an asscrack, put it away and never bring it out again.


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