Walmart Fashion


The Human Statue

“Oh wow PoWM a statue, that’s real cool. Why are you wasting my time with this?” Because it’s not just a statue, it’s a human statue. Yeah, that’s right. That is a woman…not a woman that looked at Medusa but a woman who dresses up like a statue….who’s wasting time now?


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I know heels are supposed to make a woman’s butt look better, but I don’t think you’re supposed to just let it hang out for us to decide whether it looks better. It takes the subtly out of it.


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Tats To Match

Nothing like matching from head to toe all the way to the tattoos! I’d say you guys are either too madly in love or twins….or madly in love twins? Anybody wanna lay down some bets on what their kids are wearing?


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The Boz Going To & From Walmart

Man, Brian Bosworth and his mullet still look like shit. I mean, they still look like they’d be able to beat my ass, but they wouldn’t look good doing it.


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