Walmart Fashion


Snow Patrol

Damn, I wish Snow White here was wearing some fur because I’d actually welcome a crazy PETA person covering her in paint just so there would be some color!


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The Gunshine State

I guess turning the state of Florida into an old retired person would have looked weird. I guess I’ll just go ahead and mark down the sunshine state as a yes on exercising it’s right to bear arms.


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Up Or Down?

This is a bit of a spin-off of “Who Wears It Better?” because it’s more like “Which Way To Wear It Is Better?”. Sure, it’s like picking between getting punched in the face or getting kicked in the ass, but not every choice in life has a good option.


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Yeast Infection

Oh no! Did your pasty white tummy get hungry and eat the bottom of your shirt? No? You just like to show everyone what yeast looks like mid-rise? Oh, well then you’re nasty!

New York

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