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Stylin’ & Profilin’

Who wakes up and says, “I think I’m gonna put on some tight ass spandex pants, tuck them into my socks, then put some killer gray spandex shorts on over my pants. Now I just have to double up on my shirts and I’m golden!”


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3 Comments Alabama  //  Walmart Fashion

Start Of A New Era


You’re probably not New Era’s target demographic but it adds to the creepiness and somehow matches that jacket, and I like that about you


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96 Comments Tennessee  //  Walmart Fashion

Seeing Double


There really is nothing crazy/creepy/gross/whatever about this picture. I’m really just curious to hear all of your comments regarding at what age does twins dressing alike stop being cute and fall under weird? Talk amongst yourselves….


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Dear PoWM, how could a woman dressed like a cow and carrying a cow purse be funnier? That’s an odd question, but since you asked, what if she was buying hamburger buns? That would certainly have to make it funnier.


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3 Comments Illinois  //  Walmart Fashion

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