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Spot The Real Pirate


Some men like to dress up and play pretend pirate. Other men take shits that are more pirate than you’re fantasy land. Keep doing you my friend.


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Throwin’ Brows


Yeeeesh! Is it just me or is this¬†the chick in the truck¬†from Don’t be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in Da Hood? – “You ain’t goin nowhere”! Terrifying. Terrifying.


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Pause For The Claus


Kinda what I imagine Santa would look like going through a mid-life crisis and deciding to go to a rave and try dating younger chicks.


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WWIB: Underdressed


I don’t understand why people enjoy betting so much. The over/under here is atrocious and I want no part in it.


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