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When Kittens Become Cats


Thanks for spelling that out, but the fact that you’re an adult painted up like a cat pretty much let us all know that already. Even the people in the Broadway show Cats hate their lives. If you insist on painting your face at least be something cool, don’t waste it on being a shitty cat.


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You just got Santabombed little girls. Real talk though, if everyone chips in a few dollars we can start a company that just hires this guy and similar dudes to just go around and pop up in on every teenage girls group selfie shots. It would make the world a better place. One I’m happy to contribute to.


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WWIB: Back-2-Back


Not all Back 2 Backs are champions….remember that.


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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

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In case you’re wondering what you get when you take a bunch of Aussies and send ’em to a Walmart in Hawaii, we’ve got that answer covered. People Of Walmart is worldwide everybody, there is no escaping it.


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